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Our Services

Private Security and Safety Assessment and Consultation

Home and Personal Security Assessment and Consultation

We provide insight, direction, and get you on the right track for preparation for personal and home protection.

With the help of some of the most highly trained and well rounded people in the world, we can help you organize a Home Safety plan to suit your lifestyle.

Going on a trip soon? Do you have a plan for your home other than remembering if you locked your front door? Trusting your neighbors to make sure your “castle” is secure? How can you spot indicators to what could be a Home Invasion Robbery?

Here are some 2019 Stats (source: Legaljobs.io 17 Alarming Burglary Statistics)

-51% of homes suffer a repeat burglary within one month.

-Only 23.9% of Americans have a security system in place.

-34% of burglars make an entrance via the front door.

-1. 7% of burglars carry a weapon

According to FBI burglary statistics, 65% of all home invasions happen between 6 am and 6 pm. The most common hours are between 10 am and 3 pm.

As time has moved on, burglars have become more sophisticated, and it’s more about careful planning than opportunism nowadays burglars will often pay close attention to their victims’ patterns and movements and also those of their neighbors. Once a burglar has detected a pattern, they will use this to forward their opportunity to strike.

Corporate Services

Every business needs a business plan on the road to success. Your team needs an All Hazards Plan (AHP) that everyone can benefit from. We said it before (KIS) Keep It Simple and that’s what we do! Does everyone know their role even if they aren’t assigned a specific job duty for any emergency? If you’re in California, think Earthquake (we’re overdue) Anywhere else in CONUS those weather factors determine what how things are responded to. Is there a “Safety Word” to let everyone know to hunker down or run for the nearest exit in case of an active shooter. Who in your team is confident in rendering First Aid? You may be the lucky recipient, IF your team is adequately trained.

Enterprise Services

Whether it is a minor emergency, natural disaster, or the threat of an active shooter, we’ve got you and your team covered. Our expertise and insight will get your team ready with our Emergency Preparedness and Readiness outline.

Did you recently terminate someone who you believe could become hostile?

Is one of your employees going through a difficult divorce that could take a turn for the worst?

Have you or your staff received the latest training in how to recognize the makings of an active shooter? How and who do you contact to obtain a restraining order? When to request one or what are the legal limitations?

School Services

Threats, do you have credible or reliable information? What’s the difference? This is how we help your faculty and staff prepare to keep your school campus safe:
  • Develop an Emergency Plan
  • Practice a Communication Plan
  • Response and Direction of 1st Responders (Patrol, SWAT, EMT, etc.)
  • Provide Regular Practice & Training
    • We make ourselves available for Teacher/Staff In-Service Training during the “off-time” so as not to interfere with school functions and the day-to-day operations.
  • Develop & Tailor a plan with our Trained Experts
    • Have you incorporated an “All Hazards Plan”? Does it fit into your already existing plans? Can you afford not to have an “All Hazards Plan”?

Law Enforcement Consulting

In current times, crime is on the rise and law enforcement agencies are under the highest scrutiny; situations involving your agency are often spontaneous and fluid. Law Enforcement are looking to implement and utilize Situational Awareness, Command and Control Tactics, and De-escalation methods that work but, how?

Our team has the background, training, and expertise to provide insight to mitigate Risk Management, and address specific concerns as they relate to your organization. We offer an outside objective understanding from a law enforcement background perspective. We meet with your agency to discuss the current trends that affect law enforcement from a “street cop’s” view that wants serve; and incorporate your management’s vision to bring balance to your agency’s operations.

  • What proactive measures and strategies can an agency take to improve public relations and maintain trust within the community?
  • Will your agency wait for a reactive response to the next Risk Management incident, or will it take a stance at the forefront at mitigating those critical factors?

Let our team help you and your agency step to the forefront of public service and enforcement.